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Retaining Our People


Employee retention is core to our success, our policies and practices are focused in preventing valuable employees leaving The Peeler Group.


Our ability to retain valuable employees is what maintains our competitive posture in a competitive industry. Many companies have accepted the "revolving door policy" as part of doing business and are quick to fill a vacant job with another eager candidate.


The Peeler Group discovered long ago the employment of people takes considerable time, effort, and money to train an employee and have developed an atmosphere where each employee is a valuable commodity. This is what has allowed us to create a successful company, we have considered as many options as possible when it comes to retaining our employees, while at the same time securing their trust and loyalty so they will wish to stay with us today and into the future.

How We Retain Our People

Basic incentives to retain our employees include competitive salaries, bonuses, increased benefits, and other "perks".

In addition we provide recognition based on accomplishment, and success of what our people do for us everyday. Recognition includes awards, time off and further compensation. This is one of many ways we show each employee the loyalty we have for them while we work to gain the same loyalty in return.

Employee retention starts just as soon as an employee is hired. We spend the time to get to know our employees better. Our goal as a company is to get a thorough understanding of an employee's goals, concerns, skill level, values, health, and current & previous job satisfaction. By doing so, our employees are made to feel more like a prized individual, the asset they are to our company and future. It is at the same time we educate ourselves as to which employees are the most valuable in both a business and personal sense.

Finally, upper-level employees are trained as retention managers to help in the seemingly never-ending battle to keep talent. Managers are instructed to be aware of their subordinate's strengths and weaknesses and have a talent for listening, respecting, and understanding their employees' concerns. Retention managers are individuals who have already proven their loyalty to the company. Honesty, creativity, and patience are other virtues that help them in their management role.


Benefits of Retention

Our people are our best commodity. Without qualified people who are good at what they do, our company would not be able to enjoy our success. In the long run, the retention of existing employees saves us, and in return, our clients, money.

Studies have found that the cost of replacing lost talent is 70 to 200 percent of that employee's annual salary. We are able to save from the cost of advertising and recruiting expenses, orientation and training of the new employee, as well as the decreased productivity experienced until the new employee is up to speed.

Finding, recruiting, and training the best employees represents a major investment. Once The Peeler Group has captured a talented person, we believe in, and do get a return-on-investment that ensures you a return on yours.


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