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Uniformed Training


Three attributes raises the Peeler group above the rest; Training, Managed People Skills and Achievement Driven Compensation.


the Peeler group is provided the benefit of it's own school, Certified by the Division of Criminal Justice Services, Department of Municipal Police.


Pre-Assignment Training
Training Delivery
Officers are provided training on-site through live field training, classroom training modules in our State Certified Schools, and via active internet course selections.

Basis for Training Selection
Client related post instruction to meet the needs of each assignment the officer will be assigned, state required training initiatives and incentive training that allows each officer to continue his or her career path.

Our reputation in the industry provides us a fortunate situation in that many of our applicants seek us. We have found these applicants are seeking a company that provides a career, a way of life, if you will, and not just a job.


History and Background of the Security Industry
Basic Understanding of Criminal & Civil Law
Emergency Situational Response
Patrol Methods & Purpose
Ethics & Conduct
Report Methods & Writing
Customer Service & Public Relations
Prevention, Detention and Arrest
Methods and Manners in Controlling Access
Professional Responder: CPR, Emergency First Aid and A.E.D.


Post Assignment Training

Training Continuum:


Custom Site Specific On-the-job Training
Homeland Security Counterterrorism & First Responder Training
Hazardous Material Incidents and Response
Bomb Threat Management
Initiating Incident Command
Understanding and Assessing Risk
O.C. & Pepper Spray
Extended Baton
Threat Reduction & Situational Control
Basic Supervision

Enhanced Training from Basic Training Modules

Refreshment & Re-Certification Training


Firearms Training
the Peeler group standards in firearms training surpasses state mandated courses. Overview of courses provided:


Basic Forty Hour Officer Course
Classroom and Range Instruction
Quarterly Training & Qualification

Annual Eight Hour In-Service Course


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