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Our Recruiting & Screening Process

Our services start with needs of the client and the people trained and skilled in delivering those needs.

Quality of People is critical to our services, and quality people is our main component in assuring our customers receive the best in security services. We offer competitive benefits and compensation to our new hired officers.


Each officer is welcomed to the company through the final phase of interviewing with the President of The Peeler Group, "large enough to supply and localized to bring you quality of service."


Our reputation in the industry provides us a fortunate situation in that many of our applicants seek us. We have found these applicants are seeking a company that provides a career, a way of life and not just a job.


In addition our recruiting efforts bring us people from a number of resources that include colleges, job fairs and training seminars, as well as our military and law enforcement contacts.


Currently more then 75% of our officers have held careers in law enforcement or within the US Military. The Peeler Group offers custom matching for specialty assignments. Our selection requirements include:


Armed and Supervisory Level Officers must meet the requirements of a Level II Officer with additional requirements. For more information please select the position levels below.


Requirements by Position Level
Entry Level
Level I Security Officer
Level II & Armed Security Officer
Personal Protection Specialist
Pre-Employment Screening
Our pre-employment screening procedures exceed the industry standards. Our officers our screened through criminal record checks, this includes FBI fingerprinting, verification of references provided and independent establishment of character references that have lived near and who may have worked with the applicant. Additional checks are made of driving histories and employment credit ratings. If employed with The Peeler Group, the officer must report any changes to these histories and additional integrity checks are made to ensure compliance.


The Peeler Group through our Human Resource Partners has established rigorous testing to provide insight to the officers we chose from our applicants. Less then ten percent of the applications received by us make it to through this step in our process. Some of our testing:


Work Ethic
Problem Solving
Grammar, Spelling & Word Use
Speed & Accuracy in Handling Small Details


Drug & Alcohol Testing
Due to the increased threat of substance abuse in the workplace The Peeler Group has enlisted a number of methods and manners in which we administer our drug and alcohol program. Through pre-employment screening, random and post accident testing we are able to combat this threat to deliver quality and professional services to our clients. Our urine analysis and saliva testing will show presence of:


Tricyclic Antidepressants


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