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APO Positions - Disaster Response

Peeler Group International, a subsiderary of The Peeler Group, Inc. has provided services to disaster response agencies since 1995. In the past two years we have experienced an increased need throughout the east coast region of the United States, inluding historically uncommon areas such as New York and Connecticut. In 2011 and 2012 we deployed over 400 Armed Protection Officers and we still not fill the need...

Armed Protection Officers (APO's) for disaster reponse are critical in protecting private and public response agencies. These postions are not for everyone - you will be subjected to long hours and long periods of time away from home. Working conditions are at times risky and let's just say, "no comforts."

APO's are directly hired and contracted by PGI during natural disasters.

Assignments of APO's

As an APO assigned to disaster response - you will be posted at static and mobile locations for our clients post-disaster. Our APO teams can be deployed once we have received notice from our client's as to location and needs. We will send out a mass email to all registered officers as to the potential of a deployment and the anticipated regions. Deployments for the first wave of officers in 24-48 hours from request.

Average earnings for an APO is about $2,000 per week and is dependent upon placement level and assignment.

PGI makes every effort to deploy local APO's so that you may return home on a daily basis while continuing to work within your community.

Hiring Process

Our hiring process starts with your request for a Disaster Employment Package and submittion of required documentation.

This is followed by our verification of your experience:

In addition you will have to submit to:

PGI Disaster Capabilities

PGI is prepared to provide a full contigency to our clients and their needs. Our response services are focused on mitigating losses for our clients through protection of life and property.

Through our deployments we provide: